Swimming with Wild Dolphins on the Big Island

swimming-with-wild-dolphinsSwimming with Wild Dolphins in Hawaii is the ultimate in eco-adventures.  Sink into the warm, liquid velvet waters of the Pacific, get over the initial 3-second temperature shock, and immerse yourself in pure bliss.

Outfitted with snorkel and fins, one can feel comfortable in the water, even if not a good swimmer.  Salty ocean water is especially buoyant, and even if you can’t swim a stroke, you can position a “noodle” across your chest and under your arms, and relax entirely.

Swimming with dolphins doesn’t require as much swimming as one might think. The dolphins are faster than lightning, and swimming WITH them more entails relaxing AMONG them as they either whizz past, or mosey around, as the case may be.

The Hawaiian Spinner dolphin is a year-round resident of the Islands, and people have a 95 percent chance of swimming with them on any given day.  After spending the night feeding in the deep waters, the dolphins come in to the safety of the shallow waters to rest, mate, and play.  Since we are visitors in their “bedroom”, it is important that we respect their needs and honor their space.  They will let you know what mode they are in. On a sleepy day, they stay down deep, and you catch glimpses of them as they rise from time to time to take a breath.

Dolphins are highly conscious, and in fact, actually CHOOSE every breath.  Scientists, anesthetizing dolphins to study them,  lost a lot of dolphins before they discovered their need to be awake to breathe.  To facilitate this, dolphins in sleep mode sleep with one eye open, half of their brain awake, while the other half sleeps. They swim in a circle, with all the eyes on the inside closed, while those on the outside watch for danger. Incomprehensibly, on some collective cue, the dolphins make a simultaneous figure 8, turn in the opposite direction, and change sides to rest.

On an active day, dolphins jump and spin and chirp and dive in joyful play.  Babies especially love to jump and chase one another.  Snorkel masks leak when you smile, so get used to flipping over on your back and emptying out your mask from time to time, because NOT smiling in the midst of a pod of dolphins is not an option.

Dolphins are more receptive and playful early in the morning, before settling down to sleep.   A dolphin swim typically begins at Honokohau Harbor, meeting at 8 am for an early departure, returning in approximately four hours.  There are two sizes of tour boats available for parties of up to six or from 7-21.

For guaranteed best prices, call 888-856-3682 to reserve your spot. Mention Discount Code 2484.

Click here to visit Hawaii Re-Creation Guide Website

Click here to visit Hawaii Re-Creation Guide Website

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