Zipping Through Paradise- North Kohala Zipline Adventure


Click photo to view an awesome 10-minute zipline video. You will see than ANYONE, of any size or shape, can joyfully zip through Paradise.

Have you been to Hawi lately?  It’s a new experience, livened in no small way by the popular new adventure hosted by Big Island Eco Adventures!  Feel the freedom as you slip through Paradise!

Big Island Eco Adventures Zipline Canopy Tours, located in North Kohala, has a series of 8 ziplines, 2 bridges (1 suspension) and breath-taking water-falls.

Meet at the historic yellow Kohala Sugar Company building in Hawi, and climb aboard the 6-wheel-drive pinzgauer which zig zags through I’ole’s organic macnut orchard, which happens to be the largest in the State of Hawaii.  Once you reach the top of the mountain, get ready to experience 8 zip lines that will take you through some of the oldest rainforest on the Island full of giant ironwood, robusta, and eucalyptus trees.  Cross a suspension bridge overlooking a jungle ravine then make your way to our Mango hut built overlooking the Kohala mountain side.  Take in the gorgeous views of Maui and the ocean while you munch on light locally made snacks provided by the tour.

The grand finale of your tour lies ahead, your courage will be tested and your excitement will peak.  Four zip line runs averaging 2000 feet long, and each crossing the 350 ft. deep Waianae Gulch. “KZ2″ may just be the most exhilarating zip line you have ever experienced.

Once you return on the six-wheel drive pinzgauer back to Luke’s Place Restaurant, where you can relax, hang out for dinner, drinks, and live entertainment.  OR, you can cruise through Hawi, browsing all the quaint little shops, pick up some treasures, or just hang in the lounge, rehashing your zipline adventure. Call 888-816-9919 for guaranteed best prices.  Mention discount code 2484

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